Bachelor of Arts in Studio Art

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The BA in Studio Art is a 120 credit degree that is designed to develop the student's consciousness of aesthetic and ideological aspects of art and its relationship to life. The degree also assists students in the realization of personal ideas, artmaking skills and imagery. The BA is oriented toward a general and broad immersion in the field. Studio courses are supplemented with studies in art history, foreign language and an abundance of electives both within the School of Art and Art History and throughout the campus.

While the BA in Studio Art is not usually the preferred preparation for moving on to the Master of Fine Arts degree, it is quite appropriate for seeking other advanced degrees, especially in the Liberal Arts or other similar programs.

Professional or career opportunities include working as an artist, designer, consultant, media specialist, teacher, fabricator, imagist or most any job that entails the use of imagination, critical thinking and the production of visual materials.

Disciplines of exceptional strength for BA Studio students that we offer include: Painting, Drawing, Printmaking, Sculpture, Ceramics, Installation, Performance, Photography, Electronic and Digital Media and Video. Check out the respective webpages for these areas in our School.

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