Art and Art History Calendar

School of Art and Art History

August 12 11 am Incoming MA/MFA Orientation, FAH 227
August 186 pmGraphicstudio Welcome Back
August 19TBASOAAH Faculty and Staff Meeting, FAH 227
August 22 First Day of Fall Classes
September 17 pmKennedy Visiting Artist Clifford Owens Lecture, FAH 101
September 227 pm
Kennedy Visiting Artist Stephanie Syjuco Lecture, FAH 101
October 51 pmKennedy Visiting Artist Ben Bellas Lecture, FAH 290
October 191 pmKennedy Visiting Artist Gordon Hall Lecture, FAH 290
October 207 pmKennedy Visiting Artist Franklin Evans Lecture, FAH 101
October 277 pmKennedy Visiting Scholar Dr. Jenny Anger Lecture, FAH 290
November 36 pmAnthropocene Symposium Reception, MUS 
November 410-4 pmAnthropocene Symposium, MUS
November 1812 pm
Public Art Walking Tour, TBD
November 24-25
Holiday, USF closed
November 30
Last day of fall classes
December 1-2
Reading Days
December 3-9
Final exams
December 13 11:59 pmGrades close for fall