Art and Art History Calendar


Monday, January 8                                                                 First day of Spring 2018 classes

January 12 – March 3                                                             Climate Change: Cuba/USA Exhibition, CAM

Friday, January 12                     10:00 am                              Climate Change Artist Symposium, MSC 2709

                                                     3:00 pm                                Spring Faculty and Staff Meeting, FAH 227

                                                     5:00 pm                                Richard Olinger Retirement Celebration       

                                                     6:00 pm                                Climate Change Artist Talk, Barness Hall

                                                     7:00 pm                                Climate Change Cuba/USA, Opening Reception, CAM

Monday, January 15                                                               Holiday, USF Closed

January 17- February 1      11:00 am -3:00 pm                     Beyond Tradition: Contemporary Reflections In East Asia,” Exhibition, Wilson Gallery

Thursday, January 18                    5:30 pm                              Kennedy Family Visiting Artist Hyewon Yi Lecture, “Embrace or Rebel? Traditional Asian Art Techniques in Contemporary Practice,” FAH 101

                                                        7:00 pm                           Reception for Opening Exhibition “Beyond Tradition: Contemporary Reflections In East Asia,” Carolyn M. Wilson Gallery

TBA                                                                                           Annual Faculty Report Deadline – electronic delivery to

Thursday, January 25                     6:30 pm                            Kennedy Family Scholar in Residence Roy Kaplan Lecture, “Common Origins of Abrahamic Traditions: Society, Culture, Art,” FAH 101

                                                       8:00 pm                              Reception for Roy Kaplan, FAH Courtyard           

Friday, January 26                         1:00 pm                             MA Graduate Applicant Review, FAH 227

Tuesday, January 30                      4:00 pm                           Kennedy Family Visiting Artist Park McArthur Lecture, “Ramp schemes, ECH,” FAH 101

Friday, February 2                                                                  Spring 2018 graduation application deadline

                                                        10:00 am                           Faculty Meeting to decide MFA acceptances for Fall 2018, FAH 227

Thursday, February 8                      5:30 pm                           Graduate Art History Reception, TBA 

February 12- March 1                                                             Symbiotic Exhibition, Wilson Gallery

Wednesday, February 14            10:00 am                           Pledges of Allegiance/Alex Da Corte, “Friends (For Ree),” CAM

Friday, February 16                                                                MFA 2nd Year Proposals

                                                           7:00 pm                         Reception for Symbiotic Exhibition, Wilson Gallery

                                                   7:00 pm – 9:00 pm               SYCOM Music for Climate Change, CAM               

Tuesday, February 20                  4:00 pm                              Kennedy Family Visiting Artist Alex Da Corte Lecture, “Friends,” FAH 101                                                                                                   

Monday, February 19                                                             Egrades open for spring midterm grade submissions

February 21-24                                                                        CAA Conference, Los Angeles

February 26 – March 2                                                           Danay Suarez Residency at USF and UDCDC

February 27                                      7:00 pm                         Danay Suarez Talk, MSC 3707

March 2                                 8:30 am -2:00 pm                     Blake High School field trip to SAAH and CAM

Tuesday, March 6                           7:00 pm                           Loren Ellis Lecture, FAH 101

Friday, March 9                                10:00 am                       Faculty and Staff Meeting, Following by Tenured faculty review of mid-point tenure applications, FAH 227

Tuesday, March 13                                                                 Egrades closes for spring midterm submissions

March 12-17                                                                             Spring Break

Tuesday, March 20                     4:00 pm                             Kennedy Family Visiting Artist Hasan Elahi Lecture, “The New Normal,” FAH 101

Friday, March 23                         12:00 pm                           Public Art Walking Tour, CAM

Monday, March 26                                                                  Registration begins for Summer/Fall 2018

March 26- April 5                                                                   42nd Annual Juried Student Exhibition, Wilson Gallery

Tuesday, March 27                         4:00 pm                          Kennedy Family Visiting Artist Jose Ruiz Lecture, “Intercultural Practices,” FAH 101

Friday, March 30                             5:15 pm                           Art History Symposium, Student research papers presentation

                                                            7:00 pm                         2018 MFA Graduation Exhibition Opens, CAM

                                                            7:00 pm                         42nd Annual Juried Student Exhibition Awards Presenation, CAM

                                                            8:00 pm                         42nd Annual Juried Student Exhibition, Carolyn M. Wilson Gallery

                                         8:30 pm – 11:00 pm                       ARTHOUSE

Tuesday, April 3                           4:00 pm                            Kennedy Family Visiting Artist Roxanne Jackson Lecture, NY ceramic artist and sculptor, FAH 101

Thursday, April 5               7:00 pm – 9:00 pm                      Art Thursday: 2018 MFA Panel Discussion, CAM

Monday, April 16                                                                     Egrades open for final spring grade submission

April 18- May 1                                                                         BFA Thesis Exhibition, Carolyn M. Wilson Gallery         

Wednesday, April 25                                                              Last day of Spring 2018 classes

April 26 - 27                                                                              Spring designated reading days

Friday, April 27                      7:00 pm – 9:00 pm               Reception for BFA Thesis Exhibition, Wilson Gallery

April 28 – May 3                                                                       Final Exams

April 30 – May 1                                                                       MFA First Year Reviews

May 2 – May 3                                                                          MFA Second Year Reviews                                                 

Friday, May 4                                                                           MFA Graduation Exhibition Closes, CAM

TBA                                                                                            CoTA Graduation Ceremony

Saturday, May 5                     10:00 am – 6:00 pm              Graphicstudio Benefit Sale, Graphicstudio

Saturday, May 5                               1:30 pm                         USF Commencement Ceremony (undergraduate), Sun Dome

                                                  6:00 pm                                   USF Commencement Ceremony (graduate), Sun Dome

Tuesday, May 8                                                                       Egrades close for final spring grade submission

May 14 – 18                                                                              VSA Exhibition, CAM


Faculty for Commencement: Robert Lawrence, John Byrd and Allison Moore



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