Creative approaches and independent fund-raising

Independent fund-raising:

Students in past programs have raised money in support of their study-abroad expenses through a variety of creative approaches.   Here are some suggestions:

- Develop a fund-raising effort using sites such as or   Note:  Kickstarter allows fund-raising only for creative projects, not scholarships, but consider developing a creative project related to your experience in Paris and London. and are fundraising site that can be used to raise money for scholarships.

- Hold an auction or sale of your artwork. 

- If family or friends have frequent-flyer miles that they are willing to donate to you, you may be able to use these to cover the cost of your air ticket.   (Note that most airlines charge a small fee for the transfer of miles from another individual’s account.)   If you plan to do this, begin to research this option as soon as you have been approved into the Paris program and have met with the program coordinator as frequent-flyer seats for the peak travel season disappear quickly.

- If you are expecting gifts in the near future (Christmas, birthday, graduation, etc.) request that they be given in cash and as a contribution toward your study-abroad fund.

- Make a commitment to volunteer your time to a worthy cause and seek sponsors who will make a contribution to your study-abroad nest egg based on this commitment. 

- See Creative Ways to Finance Learning Abroad from the University of Minnesota