Financial Aid

Financial aid:

The Paris program courses are regular summer session courses and thus any financial aid for which you would be eligible for summer classes on-campus will be available to you for these courses.    The Office of Financial Aid will assist qualified USF degree seeking students toward receiving any summer financial aid for which they are eligible.   Please note that there are no funds from the Office of Financial Aid specifically designated for foreign study programs.  Undergraduate students must be enrolled for at least 6 hours during the summer in order to receive financial aid; graduate students must enroll for at least 5 credits.   (If you are enrolled in the Paris program and the London excursion, you will have a sufficient number of credits.  If you are enrolled in Paris only, you should enroll for additional summer credits after the conclusion of the Paris program in order to reach the minimum number of credits needed for financial aid.)

Note that financial aid payments are not coordinated with the Paris program fee payments which are due during the spring semester prior to the program but the Education Abroad office may be able to defer payment of part of the program fee until your financial aid arrives and have it credited toward the program fee payment.   Any summer financial aid which may be available to a student will most likely be received by the student after the start date of the program.

Florida Bright Futures is applicable to to the Paris program to students who have received it in the highest tier, the "Academic Scholars Award".   Bright Futures recipients should confirm this with their financial aid counselor.

Florida Prepaid can be applied to the Paris program and will reduce the fee.   See your financial aid counselor for details on the amount of the reduction.

If you plan to seek financial aid, it is advisable to set up a meeting with your financial aid counselor as soon as possible.