Digital Video and Electronic Arts Media Submission

  • Film, video, kinetic sculpture, installation and/or performance artwork: DVD or CD Only
    • The Admissions Panel will review the first 5 minutes of each DVD or CD and continue to review further material if quality deems additional review is merited. Applicants are therefore STRONGLY encouraged to put excerpts of your strongest work at the beginning of the program and follow this with longer segments or completed works. Include an 8½” x11" sheet of paper with a listing of the works on the tape, running times and a short description to assist in understanding the submitted works. Note whether video is intended as the primary medium of expression or is merely being used as documentation of work in another medium.
    • DVD formatted to play on standard NTSC DVD players.
  • Digital Media including Interactive, Web-based work and/or Computer Animation should be submitted on a Mac formatted CD or DVD-R, as self-contained documents. [HTML (must be web archive, nothing streaming), Shockwave, Flash Player, Director Projector, QuickTime are acceptable.]
    • “Web Archive” documents must work in Safari or Firefox browser. Please indicate preferred browser. An accompanying 8-½” x11" sheet of paper with a listing of the works submitted and any additional information or comments is acceptable.
    • Submitting URLs is ONLY acceptable for work that is created as web art as its primary means of expression. URLs are NOT acceptable for submission of documentation of work in any other medium. Please note that web art will ONLY be reviewed on a Mac OS X computer using the latest version of Safari or Firefox browsers. Please indicate which of these is the preferred browser for your work.
  • Audio: on Audio CD (aif), or MP3 files on CD-ROM or DVD-R.