Technical Resources

Photo suppliers: online catalogs and information:

Freestyle Photo Supplies: good prices equipment and supplies. See especially their "Arista" line of film and paper. (Pay the extra in-house and UPS rush charges if you don't want to wait a few weeks for your order.)

B&H Photo-Video-Imaging-Pro Audio Homepage: good prices and extensive stock of equipment and supplies. Prompt processing of orders. (Closed on Saturdays, open on Sundays.)

Calumet Photographic: equipment and supplies for the professional photographer; excellent services, large inventory, online ordering.

Ultrafine Imaging Products: sells "Ultrafine" line of discount films and papers - excellent source for students.

Light Impressions Corporation: archival storage supplies for negatives, prints, slides, albums, mat board, conservation and preservation materials, online ordering.

Photographer's Formulary: supplier of photographic chemicals and chemistry kits for non-silver and alternative processes.

Luminos Photo Products:manufacturer of beautiful papers with unusual tones and textures, photo linen, etc. Call or e-mail for a swatch book of paper samples.

Rockland Colloid Corporation: manufacturer of Liquid Light and other liquid emulsions and toners.

Bostick and Sullivan: alternative processes, platinum and palladium papers, chemistry, tools and lots of technical info for non-silver and 19th century processes.

The Pinhole Resource: information, publications and products related to pinhole photography.

Merlin Pinhole Cameras: ready-to-use cameras fabricated from paint cans.

Reel 3-d Enterprises: mail-order supplier of equipment and accessories for stereo photography

Other sources of technical information:

How to do Polaroid Image Transfers: from Polaroid's online " Test" magazine

How to do Polaorid Emulsion Transfers: from Polaroid's online "Test" magazine

The PhotoForum's List of Web Pages

Platinum Printmaking Made Simple by Gary Auerbach: excellent introduction to platinum and palladium printmaking with instructions for using the Bostick and Sullivan starter kits for these processes.

How to Make Digital Negatives for Black & White Fine-Art Photographs by David Fokos:"This book is the culmination of an 18 month-long scientific/artistic exploration into the use of digital negatives for printing fine-art quality photographs."

Pinhole Vision: good source of information on pinhole photography, fabrication of pinhole cameras, various types of images obtainable, etc.