Photography Curriculum

PDF of Recommended Courses for Emphasis in Photography

Beginning Photography: PGY 2401
3 credits
Introduction to the expressive possibilities of photographic media. Projects and assignments will introduce students to both traditional and experimental ways of working with light-sensitive materials with an emphasis on the interdependence of form, technique, and concept. The course will also provide an overview of significant trends and directions in contemporary art.

Intermediate Photography: PGY 3401
3 credits
This course introduces the students to more advanced black and white technical skills than those covered in Photography I. Emphasis is on the improvement of visual communication skills and awareness of critical issues in contemporary photography. Projects and assignments are directed toward the refinement of technical and formal skills and the development of personal approach to subject matter and content. Students will have an opportunity to expand their repertoire of equipment and methods including the use of medium and large format cameras, hand-held light meters, and studio strobe lighting.

Special Topics In Photography: PGY 3930
3 credits: to be taken twice
This course introduces the students to more advanced ideas, technical skillsand genres of image making. Special Topics courses will be devoted to specific methods or themes including, but not limited to: color photography, digital photography, and non-silver photography. A mastery of basic black & white technique and completion of Intermediate Photography are pre-requisites. The course provides an opportunity for students to further their knowledge of photographic methods while also clarifying their artistic goals.

Advanced Photography: PGY 4410
3 credits: to be taken twice
Students are provided with guidance toward the evolution of a personal direction in photography and toward preparation for their BFA exhibition. This course entails an intensive and advanced exploration of photographic issues and techniques as related to the student's expressive goals as an artist.

*History Of Photography: ARH 4710
4 credits
A survey course which provides an overview of photography from pre-photographic times to the present. The course explores a variety of critical perspectives on the medium, its relationship to other art forms and its role in development of mass culture. More information >>

*(Note:This course is strongly encouraged but not required for photography majors. Will fulfill Art History requirement for photography majors.)