About Photography

Our program encourages a broad range of experimentation with the expressive potentials of photography, as well as an awareness of contemporary practice and critical thinking on issues surrounding the medium. Students are encouraged to gain a grounding in history and criticism, while also maintaining a strong foundation in traditional photographic skills and techniques. The program is also characterized by a strong interaction between photography and other media, and photography students are often actively involved in video, digital imaging, painting, printmaking or sculpture.

Both the undergraduate and graduate programs require coursework in art history and contemporary issues. Photography courses include: Beginning Photography, Intermediate Photography, a series of Special Topics in Photography courses which can include: Color Photography, Digital Photography, Alternative Processes, Images in Context, and some cross-media classes such as Photo sculpture. Students complete their coursework with a pair of Advanced Photography courses which afford students the opportunity to compile an extensive portfolio. A comprehensive History of Photography course is taught each spring and is encouraged for all students with an area of concentration in photography. Undergraduate requirements include both media-based courses and cross-media courses organized by theme.

Students have several opportunities to gain experience outside of the department as well. A visiting artist program features lectures and critiques by several artists and critics each semester. The Summer Art Program in Paris provides students with an opportunity to immerse themselves in Paris through visual arts investigations under the guidance of faculty with a strong interest in the role of the city in the history and practice of modern art. Both studio art and art history courses are offered.
The USF Photo Club organizes exhibitions and events. Student members also travel to the regional and national conferences of the Society for Photographic Education.