Sculpture and Extended Media Curriculum

ART 2750C Beginning Ceramics - (3 credits) VP ART An introduction to the use of ceramic materials as a means of criticalexploration.

ART 3761C Intermediate Ceramics - (3 credits) VP ART Intermediate problems in ceramics and emphasis on the exploration of methodsand media and the development of individual concepts.

ART 4782C Advanced Ceramics - (3 credits) VP ART PR: ART 3761C. Continued problems in ceramics. Repeatable.

ART 2701C Beginning Sculpture - (3 credits) VP ART Projects in sculpture with emphasis on contemporary theory and issues, thedevelopment of individual concepts and the exploration of materials, toolsand processes.

ART 3704C Intermediate Sculpture - (3 credits) VP ART This course expands upon the principles and processes introduced inBeginning Sculpture, developing a higher level of technical competence andcritical sophistication. Intermediate Sculpture isprerequisite toMultiples, Molds and Bronze casting and to Site, Installation, Performance.Repeatable up to 9 hours.

ART 4702C Advanced Sculpture - (3 credits) VP ART PR: ART 2701C. Continued problems in sculpture. Repeatable.

ART 3712C Multiples, Molds, and Bronze casting - (3 credits) VP ART PR: ART 2701C and PR: ART 3704C. Continued studies and projects in sculpturewith an emphasis on the nature of multiples explored through advanced moldmaking and bronze casting. This course may not be repeated for credit. Theconceptual implications of the multiple will be taught through reading,lecture, discussion and demonstration.

ART 3758C Site, Installation, and Performance - (3 credits) VP ART PR: ART 2701C and PR: ART 3704C. Continued studies and projects in sculpture with an emphasis on site-specific sculpture, installation and performance. A critical and cultural awareness of contemporary issues and media insculpture will be developed through studio projects assigned readings,discussions, critiques and demonstrations. The course may not be repeatedfor credit.