About Sculpture and Extended Media

Within the past century the tradition of Sculpture has vastly expanded to encompass every material, media and context for the expression of ideas and forms in space and time, from the traditional media to light, sound, time and the “real” to the virtual, whether that is realized in the ivory towers of the Art World or the street. This development is an outgrowth of twentieth century art practice, and the evolving history that continues to question the conventions of “Art” and the exhibition. The result of this was to open up all of the spaces and materials of the "real" world as legitimate grounds and materials for an extended vision of sculptural practice. This vast breadth of concept and experience is embraced by our department and is reflected in the development of its curriculum, faculty, facilities and resources.

The department's 3 full-time faculty, regularly changing visiting faculty and active visiting artist program present a variety of directions and philosophical attitudes. Our visiting artist and faculty programs bring significant artists, critics, curators, historians, theorists and culture-makers to our campus on a regular basis for both short-term and long-term interaction with our students. Through a broad range of challenges and solutions, students are encouraged and expected to develop their potential, challenge accepted notions of contemporary art and enter the ever-evolving cultural dialogue of our time on every level. All of this takes place in an environment charged with high expectations and demands regarding self-motivation, intellectual capacity and responsibility focused upon the future of this expanded vision of artistic and “sculptural” practice.