Bachelor of Arts in Art History


Students in our B.A. program first acquire knowledge of the global history of art from ancient times to the contemporary moment in History of Visual Arts I and II. Then, surveys introduce students to the current state of the field in the areas of specialty of each faculty member. Area surveys taught at the Tampa campus include African, American, European, Middle Eastern, and South Asian art from the medieval period to the present; courses in Greek and Roman art are available on the St. Petersburg campus. Art history majors are also required to take courses in studio art as a means of better understanding the art-making process. After these introductory courses, small writing-intensive seminars involve students in independent research, exposing them to a variety of art-historical topics and methodological approaches. Classes in other, complementary disciplines are recommended as electives. Finally, course work can be supplemented by international travel and study-abroad programs sponsored by the School of Art and Art History.

Our B.A. program develops skills in critical looking, thinking and writing, and is excellent preparation for students interested in pursuing graduate studies in art history or considering a museum profession or other work in today’s professional art world.

B.A. Curriculum

Course Descriptions

We also offer a certificate program in Art History. For information about the certificate program, please visit:

Undergraduate Certificate in Art History