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The Brooklyn RailFounded in October 2000 and currently published 10 times annually, the Brooklyn Rail provides an independent forum for arts, culture, and politics throughout New York City and far beyond.

Selected Articles in Support of School of Art & Art History Events

The ‘Translucent (Not: Transparent)’ Gesamtglaswerk by Jenny Anger


Dr. Elisabeth Fraser (Art History Faculty)

In this volume, Dr. Fraser shows that artists and the works they created in the Mediterranean during the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries were informed by mutual dependence and reciprocity between European nations and the Ottoman Empire. Her rich exploration of this vibrant cross-cultural exchange challenges the dominant interpretation of European relations with the East during the period, revealing a shared world of fluid and long-sustained interactions.

Ellen Mueller (MFA 2011)

Elements and Principles of 4D Art and Design is a core text for 4D foundational studies, offering students an accessible and hands-on introduction to the new elements and principles of time-based art. Suitable for both majors and non-majors, the book begins by reviewing basic aesthetic concepts and the principles and elements of 2- and 3D design to help students make connections between more familiar art forms and the new world of 4D design.

Michael Salmond (MFA 2003)

Video Game Design is a visual introduction to integrating core design essentials, such as critical analysis, mechanics and aesthetics, prototyping, level design, into game design. Using a raft of examples from a diverse range of leading international creatives and award-winning studios, this is a must-have guide for budding game designers. Industry perspectives from game industry professionals provide fascinating insights into this creative field, and each chapter concludes with a workshop project to help you put what you've learnt into practice to plan and develop your own games.


Bill Yates (BFA 1973)

Classic documentary photography, at its best, is a transcendent path back to the people of another place and time. Sweetheart Roller Skating Rink is a royal road to that special time in 1972-1973 -- when the love generation in America was at its height. Sweetheart shows us the joyful vigor, fashion, and play of that young crowd searching for fun, escape, and identity in a roller rink on the outskirts of Tampa, Florida. Bill Yates’ Sweetheart is a recently uncovered masterpiece that reveals, in a candid and clear-eyed way, a time that you only thought you knew.

VRC Information

The Visual Resources Center primarily supports the teaching and research interests of the faculty and students within the CoTA School of Art & Art History, but the VRC facilities and collection are available for use by all USF faculty, students, and staff.

The DID, or Digital Image Database, now contains over 16,000 images. Faculty and teaching assistants can access the database online to create "slideshows" for presentation in class, and students with a valid USF NetID can login to study images.

Five open access computers and four flatbed/film scanners are available for use. An orientation to the facility is required before use.

The Looping Movies Film Series runs in the VRC from 9–5 every day, with a new art documentary film each day of the week. Check our Facebook page for the currently running film. Every film is available for checkout.

VRC Location and Contacts

FAH 236 (just down the hall from the Art Office)

Hours: 8:30 – 5:00 Monday thru Friday

Rodney Mayton - Visual Resources Curator / 974-9344

Mike Puckett - Visual Resources Cataloger